Tree Aid and Kings Design

Helping to plant 10,000 trees in Africa!

Kings Designs supports TREE AID and is very proud to be in partnership with such a fantastic charity.

TREE AID works in remote and isolated communities in Africa, where people live in extreme poverty and have little food, money or opportunity to improve their lives.

TREE AID has internationally recognised expertise in preventing deforestation and promoting sustainable development. They help communities to plant trees to grow their way out of poverty. The communities they work with learn to use the produce that trees provide for food and to earn extra income.

TREE AID increases awareness of the importance of trees and how they protect the environment, not just for today but for future generations. The trees they grow help to create more stable local environments, reducing the risk of flooding and drought, and halting the cycle of poverty and hunger.

TREE AID has helped more than half a million people across Africa grow more than ten million trees.

In Africa, trees mean life.

You can find out more about TREE AID here –


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